Finally, winter is coming and I can’t wait. I have some winter tips for your dog to keep them cozie. Bring on the jumpers and blankets. Winter is my favourite time of year because I get to rug up and Harley gets to rock some hoodies of her own.

Over the next few weeks, the temperature is going to drop, the wind will pick up and the rain will set in. Is your furbaby prepared this winter? If you’re not sure 100%, this post is for you. I’m going to take you through some winter tips for your dog to keep them safe, warm and comfortable.


It’s time to get over the top with bedding. We know nothing beats awesome bedding that you can really snuggle into and drift off to sleep within minutes.

Get some new threads for your dog this winter. You’ll find that as the weather starts to get cooler they will be spending more time in their beds to keep warm and be comfortable.

Tip: Place a blanket under their bed too so it’s not sitting on a cold hard surface.

Tip: For older dogs or for the extra cooler climates, consider a heating disc or heating pad that are made for dogs as an additional winter warmer.

This is NOT a hot water bottle. Never use a hot water bottle.

Winter Apparel

Although many dogs have a nice coat to keep themselves warm they may benefit from a winter coat to keep warm when outside.

A quality coat will last many years but you need to ensure that your dog has the right coat.

  • Coverage from neck to tail
  • Non-restricting when moving
  • Not too thick that will overheat your dog

Remember not to leave your dog’s coat on if they are inside or if they are playing as they can easily overheat.

Check out DogGone Gorgeous and also Budget Pet Products, they have all new winter apparel available now.


Get the body moving to help the blood flow and pick up the heart rate. Going for a brisk walk or playing outside is a great way to warm up.

Even though it is cold, your dog still needs to get their exercise not only to stay healthy so they don’t put on weight over winter but it’s great for overall health.

So grab the lead and put a warm coat on your dog and head out for a pleasant walk.

Tip: Winter dog shoes are a great idea to keep their paws off the cold surface and prevent cracks in their paws.

Outside Dogs

If your dog lives outside you can make sure your dog is kept warm by placing blankets in their kennel. Think of it as making an awesome den for them. A place out of the direct cold, wind & rain.

If the temperature does drop then bring your dog inside to sleep. Block off an area for their sleeping time. You don’t want your dog outside in the freezing cold.

Flea, Worming & Tick Treatments

Even though it’s winter your dog still needs to be protected from fleas, worms and ticks. These little nasties can happen at any time of the year.

Order your treatments from Vet Supply (Aussie company) and it will get delivered straight to your dog for free Australia wide.

Senior Dogs

When talking about winter tips for your dog, this also means taking a little extra care for your senior dog. It can be harder on your senior dog as they may be suffering from arthritis which can be aggravated by the cooler months.

Exercise is still a great way to warm up and get blood flow circulating with your senior dog. Walks should not exceed 15-20 minutes and be mindful of the ground. Winter dog boots will keep their paws warm, prevent cracking and are non-slip.

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Signs your dog is feeling the cold

  • Shivering
  • Slow movements
  • Curling up
  • Cold ears

I hope you’ve enjoyed these winter tips for your dog. If you have any further questions or concerns with your dog, consult your veterinarian.


Gina & Harley


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