When Harley was a puppy I found it to be very easy to train her. Starting with the simple command of sit and stay. She caught on within a few minutes. Fast forward six years later and I feel she is lacking a little training and thought it would be a great time to share some tips for training your adult dog that I have personally done with Harley.

Training your adult dog doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact there are many benefits in re-training and brushing up on some commands that may have been forgotten.

Bond Building


Training your adult dog is a great way to build a stronger bond and accomplish a goal together. Maintaining the bond you share with your dog will last a lifetime, and spending extra one on one time together will reinforce your bond.

Refresh Their Training Skills


During puppy school, you would have learnt a lot of cool training commands and even a few tricks. But as time goes on your dog may have been forgotten these skills. There are adult training classes available if you prefer classroom training.

If not, then go out and spend ten minutes refreshing some skills. This will take time so you must be patient. Start with one or two commands only at first then add one more command once you know your dog is confident.

Activate Your Dog’s Mind


When it comes to training your adult dog, think about how they are thinking. Are you confusing them with saying different commands at once? Are you using different terminology from when they were a puppy?

Keep your commands and tricks simple and short. This will be easier for you and your dog. Keeping your ageing dog’s mind active is important as it helps to keep your dog engaged. Training your adult dog will make your dog think and it won’t take long to tire your dog out. By the end of your training session, both of you will be mentally exhausted.

Let your dog rest and recharge. Remember to give a reward too as treats can be an excellent way to stimulate and keep your dog involved.

While your dog is resting, why not bake some delicious treats so they are ready for the next training session. I’ve made some easy Natural Dog Treats: Peanut Butter And Banana Recipe. You can easily print out the recipe card too.

Training Your Adult Dog Can Be Fun


Training doesn’t have to be boring. There are many ways to keep your dog’s mind active and keep them motivated. If your dog doesn’t like basic training then think outside the box and think of other ways to training your dog.

Below are a few ideas for training classes:

  • Agility Training
  • Fly Ball
  • Dog Showing
  • Adult Dog Classes



When it comes to training your adult dog or any age dog, I have found food or treats an excellent source of motivation. Your dog is more likely to learn quickly if there is a treat at the end of the session.

You can pick up some great treats and toys for rewards from Budget Pet Products.

Treats or rewards do not have to be junk food such as processed foods. Healthy treats such as a small slice of banana with a little organic peanut butter is a healthy alternative. Carrot sticks, apple slice, strawberries, organic baked treats are excellent for rewards.

Rewards also don’t refer to just your dog, you deserve a reward too. Whether it be a glass of wine, chocolate or makeup… it can be anything. You both deserve a reward.

Head to Budget Pet Products for great rewards that your dog will love. Plus they always have awesome sales.

I hope this has helped and given you an idea of how you can train your dog.

Gina & Harley

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