Superfoods for dogs can be very beneficial for promoting digestive health, healthy skin and coat and improve your dogs immune system.

I put one or two superfoods in every meal for Harley. She has so much energy it’s not even funny 🙂 I have noticed a huge improvement in your overall health, coat, skin, eyes, teeth and the list goes on.
superfoods for dogs
Let’s go through 13 superfoods for dogs so you can start adding these to your furbaby’s meals.

I love adding superfoods to my own food to help with overall health and wellbeing, when I’m in the kitchen cooking Harley’s food, I try my best to give her all the best nutrients possible as well, to maintain a nutritional and balanced meal.

I always consider what superfoods I am allowed to give her.

Foods that will improve her skin and coat and especially improve her digestive system as she does need additional help in that particular area.
These 13 superfoods for dogs are not just specifically for dogs, all of the superfoods listed are human foods so there is no need to go out specifically, you can just simply add these items to your normal grocery list. Pawfect!

I’ve done the research so you don’t need to, which makes life easier for you.

Below is 13 Superfoods for dogs that you can start adding to their meals to improve and help your fur-baby have the best possible life.

Now, I know there are many more foods (and superfoods) that are awesome for dogs, but I didn’t want to overload you with information or a very very long list that will take you ages to get through.

That’s why I have listed a lucky 13 superfoods for dogs which will make it nice and simple,  and it covers a variety of health benefits.

Note: Every dog is different, so check with your vet before changing or adding any foods to your furbaby’s meals.

13 Superfoods for Dogs

1 Carrots

Harley loves them cooked in her meals and also as a healthy raw snack to bite on without the guilt.

Benefit: Healthy eyesight, prevent heart disease

2 Blueberries

These are a great fresh snack, but also in the summer months you can freeze them for added crunch or place into ice cubes and add to their water bowl for some additional flavour.

Benefit: Antioxidants and fibre

3 Coconut Oil

This little gem is an overall superb superfood for dogs. Harley doesn’t even notice it in her meals or treats that I bake. See my post Benefits Of Making Your Own Dog Food for an in-depth description of why this is a must in Harley’s daily diet.

Benefit: Digestive system, immune system, skin and coat

4 Peanut Butter

Apart from being absolutely delicious in baking treats, such as healthy (Natural Dog Treats) peanut butter and banana dog treats or placing in balls/toys for a boredom buster, 100% natural peanut butter is packed with protein and contains healthy fat for a dog’s heart and also contains vitamin B and E.

Benefit: Protein

5 Kale

It’s pretty common knowledge that Kale is a superfood for humans. It contains iron and lutein which promotes healthy eye health.
Kale does contain oxalates which can interrupt with the absorption of calcium so ensure your pooch is getting enough calcium. If in doubt consult your vet for advice.

Benefit: Iron, lutein

6 Sweet Potato

Harley loves roasted sweet potato, I normally chopped it up and give it to her in her meals or as a treat, I will slice a little bit and give it to her cold. Either way, she enjoys it. It promotes a healthy immune system and aids in a healthy coat. Also, it is a source of iron.

Benefit: Iron, immune system, coat

7 Apples

This fruit is a great treat, Harley doesn’t have it all the time as I think she is still unsure of it. It’s very crunchy which is great for healthy clean teeth. It contains fibre which is also a bonus for their digestive system.

Benefit: Fibre, teeth and gums

8 Pumpkin

This vegetable is great for constipation as it is high in fibre and water so it helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Also, it is great for their immune system and supports healthy skin.

Benefit: Fibre, immune system

9 Fish

Harley has fish at least once a week. Fish contains healthy oils for a dogs skin and coat. Also fish being naturally oily it’s good for digestion.

Benefit: Omega3 for healthy skin, coat

10 Eggs

To be honest, Harley is not a fan of eating a raw egg, although I do occasionally add it to her meals and mix it in so she doesn’t notice. Although I think she does because she will sniff her food for a while and then looks at me saying that she knows I’ve changed her food in some way. It’s packed with protein and amino acids and is great for their coat. Also, it is a good non-meat source of protein.

Benefits: Amino acids, protein

11 Bananas

These are great when baking treats or pupcakes for your pooch. General health benefits from bananas are the potassium, which promotes a healthy heart, kidney function and nervous system. I have made some healthy peanut butter and banana dog treats which you can check out here.

Benefit: Potassium, vitamin C

12 Quinoa

This is a great alternative to rice. It is high is protein and fibre which is great for the digestive system and it is easily digestible for dogs.

Benefit: Fibre and protein, easily digestible for dogs

13 Broccoli

This is a common green superfood for humans and it is also great for dogs. Cooked/steamed broccoli is great for potassium (if your pooch doesn’t like banana treats) high fibre for digestion and calcium for bones.

Benefit: Potassium, fibre, calcium

There are many more superfoods for dogs but I thought this would be a good start. Now that you have these 13 superfoods for dogs, what type of dinner will you come up with?

Do you any other superfoods for dogs you would add to this list? Please comment below. 🙂


Gina and Harely

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