I had the pleasure of being invited to check out a new innovative product by the Aussie brand Sundogz. Julie, the founder and owner of Sundogz took me through this awesome product a few months back when it was a prototype and it I’m happy to say that it is being released next month and is available for preorders now.

Instead of my normal product reviews, I thought a Q&A would be a great way to get to know Julie and Sundogz and what sparked this creative invention.

Who is Sundogz?

My partner and I have three dogs between us so I am and have always been a committed/obsessed dog lover. My family always had dogs when I was growing up and I can’t imagine not having and loving dogs in my life. The relationship I have with my dogs are some of the most important relationships I have. I know that you can relate to that Gina with little Harley! I had to find a solution to a problem I had with keeping my little dog Dessie, safe, comfortable, hydrated and shaded – and after a few years and a lot of hard work – SUNDOGZ is about to be manufactured, assembled and distributed in Australia.

How did you come up with the Sundogz product?

Sundogz was created because of the needs of my little dog Dessie. He gets sunburnt very easily and will take off on the beach (actually anywhere) – following his nose and will not respond to my calls because he is deaf. So Dessie and I are the co-creators – we were going away together for a holiday and I had to find something to look after his needs as well as mine. I couldn’t find anything either online or in pet and camping shops.

When will the Sundogz product be released and what will be the cost?

Sundogz can be pre-ordered through our website NOW and is expected to be shipped within Australia on December 17, 2018. When people pre-order they will receive some bonuses including a frisbee, a circular round towel and dry bag to keep your keys wallet and phone clean dry and safe (stowed inside the compartment of SUNDOGZ). The exclusive pre-order price (limited pre-order stock available) is $269.00 including GST and shipping within mainland Australia.

Who is the Sundogz product designed for?

While SUNDOGZ is designed for dog owners who want to access the great outdoors with their beloved dogs, it suits many people including parents/families with young children, couples, singles, surfers, fisherpeople, sports people, tradies (who take their dog to work), road travellers, campers, hikers, beachgoers – basically anyone who wants to hang out in the great outdoors with their dog – together, wherever.

What is the purpose of the Sundogz?

The main purpose is to reduce the amount of time you and your dog hideaway together at home. Let’s face it – most dog owners just want to stay home because that is where their dog is and it is not always feasible to have your dog go out with you due to the difficulty in managing their needs, your needs and the needs of those you will be with. SUNDOGZ safely tethers, feeds, hydrates and shades your dog as well as keeps your valuables safe.


What feedback have you had from dog owners who have seen SUNDOGZ?

We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from dog owners at three dog events over the last year or so. People were so excited when they saw SUNDOGZ demonstrated. We actually had people jumping up and down and some screams of excitement. We received feedback that SUNDOGZ is a clever brilliant Aussie product that will really change the way in which people can access the great outdoors with their beloved dogs. Other Pet Industry Businesses were also very impressed by SUNDOGZ.

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Also, if you want to check this product out first hand, Julie will be at the Brisbane Dog Lovers Show on November 3rd & 4th 2018 (stand 674).

Gina & Harley


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