With a few easy changes, I am going to show you how you can keep your senior dog healthy so you can enjoy a long happy and healthy life together. A senior dog is one who is seven years and over.

As time goes on and our loved furbabies are getting older there are changes that we notice too. Our dogs may not jump around and go crazy, or it takes a little longer to wake up in the morning and get going… or they could act like a puppy well into their senior years.

We need to remember they are getting older even if they don’t act like it. Keeping your senior dog healthy can be easy with the tips listed below (in no particular order).

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Make your Dog’s Bed Epic


It’s time to head to the pet store, TKMAXX, Kmart or online to pimp out and make your dog’s sleeping area a dream of puffy pillows fit for royal. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best and most comfy things.

The stores listed above sell some really cool stuff and affordable prices and remember it doesn’t have to be pet specific.

For example, I get Harley’s blanks from the baby section at TKMAXX because they are super soft, fluffy, cute and super affordable. You need to think outside the box. If you are after something from the pet store then check out Budget Pet Products, they sell everything and it’s really affordable. I’ve personally bought heaps of things from toys, treats, food, tick protection so I know it’s a great site.

And also if you are after something more specialised you may need to go online to purchase your orthopaedic beds for your senior dog if you need something more special. Did you know you can buy dog beds that heat and vibrate to help stimulate your dog’s circulation and help reduce stiffness, this makes it a winner with dogs that have arthritis who need a little extra help or comfort.

Keeping your senior dog healthy doesn’t have to cost the earth but it can unquestionably help your senior dog feel more relaxed.

Never Miss Vet Health Checks


Keeping your senior dog healthy includes vet checks. I can not stress this enough. Veterinarian health checks will ensure your senior dog is doing well. Your veterinarian will check for things that we fur parents are just not able to.

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This may include blood tests, scans, physical exams to check dental disease, arthritis, kidneys and heart disease and more. Your veterinarian will make your dog’s health check tailored specially to your dog.

Providing the Right Diet


Dietary requirements will change as your dog gets older. To ensure you keep your senior dog healthy you will need to adjust their diet to suit their needs and life stage.

Such as senior dog diets can have added benefits to help with arthritis, dental, weight balanced to ensure the calorie intake is adjusted to your dogs physical level and so on.

Your veterinarian will provide a diet suited to your dog and will know what’s best, hence why never missing vet checkups is imperative to keeping your senior dog healthy.

Note Behavioural Changes


Not all dogs behaviour will change but in some cases, it will. So it’s important to note down any changes you see and discuss with your vet. Changes in your dog’s behaviour may be caused by a symptom which could mean your dog may be getting sick or already have a disease.

Important changes to watch include are water intake, appetite and bowel movements. Mood, sleep patterns and physical energy can also be a factor. If you find your dog is extremely irritable it may be a sign of pain.

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Make Life Easier


Arthritis is a major factor of getting old and you may notice your dog slowly moving around and you may see that your dog is struggling a little. To keep your senior dog healthy you may need to make some adjusts to make their life easier.

This may include putting their food and water on a stand so they don’t struggle to bend their neck down to get a drink or eat. Moving everything closer together such as moving their bed into the living room where you spend your time.

Our furbaby’s like to be able to see us and know what we are doing. Moving their food and water bowl closer together or closer to their bed so they don’t need to walk so far. Again check out Budget Pet Products for all your comfort needs.

When Harley was sick from her surgeries I had two water bowls, one in the normal feeding area and one next to her bed so she didn’t have to walk very far. I found this helped with keeping up her fluids and ensuring Harley stayed hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any further suggestions please comment down below.


Gina & Harley

Photos: Unsplash
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