For a limited time, The Golden Bone Bakery Halloween edition has arrived. They are very delicious Halloween themed treats are only available for a limited time. So get in quick before you miss out. Your furbaby will love this natural handmade Aussie treats.

The Golden Bone Bakery Halloween Edition

Teach your dog a special Halloween trick and reward him or her with these delicious Halloween dog treats.

The combination of our activated coconut charcoal and pumpkin is the best recipe to soothe an upset pup’s stomach. With parsley for fresh breath and rosemary to deliver a boost of antioxidants.

$14.95 – Our 130g Halloween dog treats are only available for a limited time!


Handmade with lots of LOVE!

Ingredients: activated coconut charcoal, pumpkin, wholemeal flour, rosemary, parsley, and organic cold pressed coconut oil
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Why Choose The Golden Bone Bakery

Low Allergy

We ensure that our products are low allergy so that most dogs can enjoy our treats without stirring up their allergies. Our pet treats are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Australian Made & Owned

When you buy from The Golden Bone Bakery you’re helping support locals that put back into our own communities supporting organisations like RSPCA Queensland


I love everything about The Golden Bone Bakery Halloween edition, Katherina the founder and owner is a lovely person and wants dogs (and cats) to enjoy delicious healthy and natural treats at an affordable price. Plus, they also have cat treats too. If you would like to see other product reviews Click Here.

Disclaimer: The Golden Bone Bakery Halloween edition treats were gifted to Harley to see if she liked them, which she did. There was no monetary compensation for this review.


Gina & Harley


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