Loose Leash Walking can be difficult at first. These 5 easy steps to loose leash walking will help you and your dog to walk side by side comfortably.

We all know that exercising your dog daily is a must. It improves not only your dog’s physical health but also mental health. You know that feeling of ‘I just need to get out of the house’ well, our furbaby’s feel the same way. They can go a little stir-crazy if they are not able to get out and explore new smells.
Going out for a nice stroll along the beach or neighbourhood can be pleasant when your furbaby is walking right beside you and not tugging on the leash.

For some owners walking their furbaby can be a challenge if they are not trained to walk beside you (loose leash walk).

Below are some easy steps that will help you and your furbaby to walk comfortably side by side.

5 Easy Steps to Loose Leash Walking


What is your furbaby’s ultimate favourite treat in the whole wide world? Using their favourite treat will help make training a little easier, especially if your furbaby is easily distracted. An idea is to bake up a batch of homemade dog biscuits.

2. Start Off Slow

You know the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? Patience and repetition are key when learning anything new. Start with just 10 minutes a day.

3. Start Inside

Put away all the toys and chews. Using the hallway inside your home is an excellent place to initiate the training. Walking around your house will help avoid distractions when starting out. Give a treat every few steps.

4. Find a Quiet Spot Outside

Once you are comfortable with the progress, you can start to move outside. Again take away all distractions and continue with 10 minutes a day, followed by playtime. Start using the treats a little less until you get to the point where you only give two small treats within your training session.

You don’t want to solely rely on the treats for your furbaby to do as asked. Repetition and positive reinforcement will go a long way.

5. Time to put the Training to the Test

Time to put all the training to the test. Go out to a public spot, somewhere that isn’t too busy and remember positive reinforcement. You can reward your furbaby a few times when out in public to help with distractions.

Top Tips

Before moving on to each step try and place a few toys or chews to help with training. This will help your furbaby remain focused and help with distractions.

Have fun with it. Reward with treats, playtime and always remember positive verbal reinforcement. Let your furbaby know they are doing a fabulous job.

Once you master this, you’ll remember the wonderful benefits of having a dog. 🙂

I found using a body harness was easier to control than a standard collar. It’s less pressure on your dog’s neck, and it’s easier for you.

Over to you: Do you have other tips for loose leash walking?
What worked for you?


Gina and Harley


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