The celebrations are about to start. Have you prepared your dog for the fireworks and loud party goers?

Like most people I love the backyard BBQ and going out to enjoy the firework celebrations. I love watching fireworks, and Harley isn’t fazed by it… anymore.


If you’re not worried, then your furbaby won’t be worried. I’ve trained Harley not to be scared of fireworks and storms. We will sit outside on watch and Harley is happy just sitting on my lap or next me in her bed.

When she was little, she hated the sound of fireworks. It would make her go weird. She would hide in the corner of the room. But now she couldn’t care less.

Below are some tips on how to help your furbaby not be scared and remain calm over the New Year.


Tip 1: Excercise

If you know that there will be fireworks happening, be sure to exercise your furbaby to release that extra energy. Your furbaby will want to rest, instead of getting worked up over the fireworks.

Tip 2: Indoors

It’s a good idea to try and keep your furbaby inside during fireworks and especially during storms. Storms can be unpredictable, and you don’t want to accidentally put your furbaby in harm’s way. Inside is safest.

Tip 5: Distraction

Distraction is key. Your furbaby may need help in keeping distracted. Having a rawhide or a long lasting chew is great.

Your furbaby will forget all about the fireworks and just sit in their comfy spot and munch away on their treat.

Tip 6: Favourite Meal

Feed them their favourite meal at dinner time. Or add a little special something in your furbaby’s bowl and let them know they are magnificent.

When your furbaby is fully satisfied with their meal, they will be content and will just want to chill out with you on the couch.

Tip 7: Toys

Toys, toys, toys. Having their favourite toys around to keep them happy is a yes in my book. Harley loves having her ball sitting next to her.

It’s like her security blanket if she knows it’s next to her is fine. Weird I know. If Harley’s happy, I’m happy.

Tip 8: Stay Home

If you can, stay home. Your furbaby will be much calmer and relaxed knowing you are there with them. Someone say movie marathon?

Tip 9: Play Date

Have a play date. Invite your family or friends over for a game; it could get messy with them getting too excited. But it’s better to be really happy and playing tag in the house than having a scared furbaby in the corner right? Plus, it’s just for one night. 🙂


Tip 10: Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement. This is how I got Harley out of freaking out when fireworks and storms are going on. Happy high pitched voice and lots of pats and not making a big deal out of the fireworks or storm.

Walking around the house and doing chores like any other day. Harley was happy just to walk around and follow me into each room and watch happily.

Hope you enjoy these 10 tips on getting through fireworks. Stay safe and Happy New Year.


Also, if you’re thinking of making some special treats for your furbaby check out these natural dog treats with peanut butter and banana. They’re delicious and super quick to make.


Gina and Harley

Keeping your furbaby safe over the fireworks.

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