As the old saying goes ‘dogs are a man’s best friend.’ Improving your bond with your dog will improve your mood when you are having a down day, and also it will enhance your overall relationship that you have with your dog.

I have a strong bond with Harley, and I feel that we understand each other very well. Harley knows when I’m not feeling very well, and I know when she isn’t feeling very well. We take care of each other. And Harley simply makes me happier.
When I’m having a bad day, I will hug Harley, and my mood just lifts, and can not help but smile and feel lucky and blessed that I have her in my life. Improving your bond with your dog will not only make you happier but your dog will feel the love and bond that you sharing. Dog’s are not silly, they will pick up on your tone of voice and body language.

If you are looking at getting a dog, then these tips will certainly help in building that bond with your new dog immediately. Also, here are some tips to prepare the home for a new pet.

7 Tips for Improving your Bond with your Dog

  1. Train your Dog
  2. Exercise Together
  3. Playtime Together
  4. Nap at the same Time
  5. Eat at the same Time
  6. Take Trips Together
  7. Positive Reinforcement


Train your Dog

Take time out each day to teach some tricks or commands. Once your dog knows the commands, they will less be naughty because they know they will get into trouble.

Training techniques will also improve concentration, and with a few sneaky treats they will pick up on new tricks and commands quickly. An exercise to learn to how to loose leash walk with your dog, it will make going outside in public less stressful.

Exercise Together

When heading out to do some exercise take your dog along with you. Exercising together will improve your dog’s leash training and will also improve your coordinational skills.
Plus it’s a chance to get out and explore new smells, sights and sounds. Plus, it’s exercise for you and your dog.

Playtime Together

Playing fetch or throwing the ball around is lots of fun for your dog, and when they start bringing their toys to you to play that’s when you know your bond is strong. Aim for 30 minutes a day of just one on one play time.

Nap at the same Time

Having one on one time together to build your bond doesn’t always need to revolve around play time and training, it can be sitting on the couch watching a movie or taking a nap. Dog’s need their rest just like humans, and that means taking a nap to recharge the batteries.

Eat at the same Time

Having dinner at the same time builds trust between you as your dog will trust that you are around and won’t walk off and it means they can concentrate on their meal. Also, eating together will help eliminate them wondering around the dinner table after scraps. Baking some yummy dog treats will make your furbaby happy. Here are some easy banana choc mint treats what will have your dog’s mouth watering.
Your dog will know the routine of you in the kitchen preparing dinner meals that their dinner time is coming too.

Take Trips Together

Take a drive to the pet store when you are in need some more treats and food. Or head to a dog-friendly beach and enjoy a day out. Road trip anyone?

Positive Reinforcement

Being happy and encouraging will boost your dog’s confidence and trust with you, and when they have been naughty your dog will feel guilty.

On the odd occasion, Harley has been naughty, and she know’s right away that she has been naughty. Harley has it written all over her face before I’m even aware of it. All I need to do is say her name in a slow deep voice, and she knows.

I love spending time with Harley; it’s my favourite thing to do.

Over to you: Do you have any other tips for improving your bond with your dog?


Gina and Harley

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