Dear Doggie Diary,

Woah! It’s been a super fast two weeks. I’ve had the best time.
First I had to go to my doctor appointment, the vet wanted to check my leg and give me an injection. It didn’t hurt, I was a really brave girl and even got a yummy lamb treat. Todays it’s May 14, 2018.

I’m going to ask mum to bake me some new treats, I haven’t had any in a while.
Mum went back to work, so I’ve been staying at grandparents house. It’s been the best holiday. My grandma carries me around everywhere and dresses me up and cooks me chicken roasts. I love roasted veggies. YUMMMMM.

Mum, of course, has come to visit even though it’s an hour drive, but she says she doesn’t mind and that she misses me every day. I miss my mum so much and can’t wait to get back home.
Harley’s Diary: V2.3

Plus it’s only temporary until the vet gives me the all clear. I’m guessing another two weeks, and then everything will go back to normal.

Goodnight diary.


Harley x


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