Harley’s Diary V2.3: April 30th, 2018

Dear Doggie Diary,

Mum wasn’t pleased with me on Friday night. While mum was cooking dinner, I pulled off my fentanyl patch. I was annoying me, so I pulled it off. Mum said that was a silly thing to do because that patch helps with my pain relief. Mum forced a tablet down my throat, and I hated it. Luckily I didn’t throw up.

First thing Saturday morning we took a trip to the vet doctor, and I got another patch put on. Mum told me not to play with it otherwise I would have to wear the cone of shame all of the time.

Then on Sunday night I finally did a poop. I hadn’t done one since before the surgery, mum was getting a little worried, but I finally did one, and it felt great.
I’m still having my favourite meals of Chicken but I overheard mum talking to the vet saying that I would need to go back to my regular diet as just living off chicken is not sustainable, I don’t want to eat anything else. So this will be a challenge.

Also, mum goes back to work at the end of the week which sucks. I like having mum at home all day with me. I can tell mum is getting bored, but I don’t want her to leave me alone. Mum said I can go over to grandma’s for a visit while I’m still recovering, so that’s ok with me because I know I will get more chicken.

My next vet appointment is on Wednesday to see my progress.



Harley’s Diary V2.3


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