Harley’s diary V2.2: April 27th, 2018

Dear Doggie Diary,

It’s been a great few days since my surgery, and mum has been taking good care of me. I’m sure mum is sick of carrying me around, but she says she doesn’t mind carrying me around town.

I’ve also been drinking plenty of water and eating chicken (which is my absolute favourite), and mum did cook me up some fish, I still ate it even though I wasn’t that keen on fish. But I have to make mum happy too; she’s done so much for me recently.
Mum has even taken two week’s off work to stay with me; my mum works in the hooman emergency department and volunteers each week as an ambulance driver to help sick and injured animals with the RSPCA. But she has put all of that on hold to help me have a full recovery. My mum is the best.

You can read up on my first diary entry: Harley’s diary V2.1

Today I had my first post-op appointment with my surgeon/vet, and it was successful. I got the approval to start physio on my leg which is fantastic. I did ask the doctor to put on another fentanyl patch on to help with my pain as I still feel a little discomfort.

My next appointment is on Tuesday to see my progress, so I’ll talk to you then.


Harley’s diary V2.2


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