Harley’s diary V2: April 24th, 2018

Dear Doggie Diary,

It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote in my diary. The past twelve months have been pawsome. I’ve met so many to doggies and hoomans and have had some fantastic opportunities.

I had my surgery yesterday on my other leg. I did the same thing as last year and damaged my patella and cruciate ligament. The surgery went well, I was a big girl and didn’t have any complications.

I’m not on any medications this time around as last year all the medications made me ill. I even tried some medications a few days before my surgery, but they just made me sick.

So mum bought me a Thundershirt to make me feel better and not be afraid. Mum also bought some Adaptil spray which helps with my anxiety. It’s helped me today.

First Surgery Diary 2017: Harley’s Diary #1

Mum picked me up last night, and we went straight home. I had some chicken for dinner; it’s my favourite.

I had a good night sleep, and feel pretty relaxed. My leg is a little sore, but I have a fentanyl patch to help with the pain. I need to figure out how to go to the bathroom; I’m finding that a little difficult right now.

Until tomorrow diary.


Harley’s diary V2


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