Harley’s Diary 12: A journal from a dog’s point of view.

February 23rd

Dear Diary,

I’m finally feeling better. I can feel myself getting back to normal, except I still can’t walk around.

Mum is so proud of me; I’m eating all of my dinner’s and taking my medications. I’ve stopped vomiting which is music to my ears. I hated vomiting, my throat and stomach were so sore.

My next doctor’s appointment is on the 28th, so hopefully, I can stop wearing this cone around my neck.

My leg occasionally gets itchy from the scab. Mum says it’s normal, but I have to resist scratching as I can do more harm than good. And I don’t want to go backwards in my recovery.

I’m excited to start my physio next week. Maybe I can play with my balls. Every time mum takes me out to go to the bathroom I just want to play with the ball.

Mum is happy again; I can see the worry is starting to lift from her eyes. I hated worrying her so much, but I made a promise to myself to be strong and have a full recovery, and I can already start seeing the results.

Harley xoxo
Harley’s Diary 12


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