Harley’s Diary 11: A journal from a dog’s point of view.

February 21st

Dear Diary,

Slept pretty good last night, probably the best sleep I’ve had since the surgery.

Plus, this morning I did a POOP! Finally!!. Mum jumped up and down with joy, she was so happy.

I feel so much better now that I’ve done a poop. I also ate all my breakfast. Mum made me some spaghetti again, and it was so good.

These last 24 hours has been a turning point for me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done a poop or that my medications were changed.

Either way, I’m so happy, and I feel lighter too. I feel as though I have an extra spring in my step, I wanted to play with the ball today, but mum said I still have a whole week left of doing absolutely nothing but rest.

This is going to be a boring week. I’m just glad mum’s happy. She was crying the other night because she was so stressed out. She’s been so worried about me.

Harley xoxo
Harley’s Diary 11


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