You might remember this brand as I did a product review a few months ago. Well, The Golden Bone Bakery has some new and exciting products that have just launched on their site and Katharina the founder of Golden Bone Bakery has been very generous and sent Harley girl the new range to taste test.

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There are two new products and are fish based which is a nice change for Harley and many other dogs. I already like the variety, the two new products are:

First, let’s get to know The Golden Bakery and their story. Below is an excerpt from their ‘about page‘ so you can read more.

Here at The Golden Bone Bakery, we create healthy dog treats with carefully chosen natural, delicious ingredients that are veterinarian approved and have nutritional benefits for our best friends.

It all began with Jett, our labrador x blue heeler. Jett loves having people around him and showing off with his tricks in return for treats. But as more treats we gave him, the more he passed smelly wind. We agreed that this is not only demotivating for us to continue playing but also uncomfortable for Jett.

All of our treats are 100% free of added salt, sugar, soy, corn, preservatives and chemicals. Our recipes are confirmed by a veterinarian and tested for nutrient analysis by an official laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. We follow the guidelines of the PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia), and unlike many other brands on the market, we clearly state what is in our treats.


Golden Fish Bites for Dogs

Our GOLDEN FISH BITES are nutritious chunks of dehydrated Australian Reef Fish which are perfect rewards for your fish eating hounds. These skin free meaty bites are protein-rich and low in fat.

Fish treats contain essential amino acids which are necessary to keep your dog healthy and active throughout his life. Furthermore, these fish treats contain Omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for healthy skin and shiny fur.

Ingredients: 100% Australian Reef Fish – Free of preservatives and anything artificial.

Fish Crispies for Dogs

Whitebait is a great low fat, low calorie but high protein source for your dog. These little fish contain lots of vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy skin and shiny fur. Furthermore, they contain iodine which is required by the thyroid gland for a balanced functioning and also heart protective Omega 3 fish oils and an irresistible crunch!

Ingredients: 100% PURE Aussie Whitebait – Free of anything artificial.

Harley Thoughts

Wow, I love The Golen Bone Bakery fish range!! I love these treats, they are something different from my regular treats, and they taste sensational. I also like that they are 100% Australian fish and are not fatty since I have to watch my weight. They are super crunchy which helps with maintaining my teeth to keep them clean.

The price is just right too, you pay for excellent quality, fast shipping and know precisely what the treats are made of, nothing is hidden in the fine print.
One final thought, I support fellow Aussie businesses that are passionate about their products and wanting our furbaby’s to eat yummy healthy treats, and The Golden Bone Bakery is precisely that. So when you are ready to buy some treats, be sure to buy them from Katharina.



Gina & Harley


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