Introducing an Aussie brand that has been around for over a decade, say hello to DOOG. As dog parents, we love to get outdoors with our furbaby’s. Some like to go for a simple walk around the block, some like to take a stroll along the beach, some like to go swimming, some like to go to the dog park while others like to be carried around like a princess (I’m talking to you Harley girl).

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It doesn’t matter how you enjoy the outdoors because DOOG has you covered with their DOOG – Dog Owners Outdoor Gear. From collars, toys, poop bag holders, walkie bags, treat bags, harnesses, towels, water towels, and also a pop up pool… they have it all.

Who is DOOG?

DOOG was created in 2007 by Jamie and Jessica Knight, outdoor enthusiasts who love taking their furbaby Wilbur with them. The inspiration sparked from there, needing practical yet super stylish products to help carry their personal items and also the essentials but without the bulkiness.

So if you’re a walker, hiker or runner these products will help you. The walkie belt was the first product that Jamie and Jessica created and have since won multiple awards and even expanded their business to become worldwide. In 2018 DOOG sponsored the World Dog Surfing Championships at Pacifica State Beach in California, how pawsome is that!

An Australian company where the products are designed and tested on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

What is PawLife trying out?

The lovely Jamie and Jessica have gifted Harley a few products to try out and provide our own honest review of the DOOG range.

The delivery time and customer service is absolutely fantastic. The response time is super quick and they are a pleasure to talk to. For me personally, customer service is key and they nailed it.


  • Free shipping over $50 AUD
  • Easy Returns
  • Secure Checkout

Walkie-Pouch (Poop Bag Holder and Bags) $12.99

Multiple colours to choose from to suit your style. This lightweight walkie pouch comes with 20 poop bags so you are ready to go. The poop bags are oxo-biodegradable and smell nice too. It has a hole in the front for access to the bags.


The Walkie Pouch has clips (adjustable poppers) which you can attach easily to your leash, you can purchase a matching leash to be extra stylish.

Mini Belt – New & Improved $23.50

The new and improved mini belt is a sporty lightweight lycra belt made to hold your personal items such as keys, any size phone, poop bags etc…

The Mini Belt (new version) even allows you to listen to music with earphone holes which allows your belt to be fully zipped up. Also has an elastic waistband for you to fit around your waist tightly so when you are walking or running the belt won’t bounce around and annoy you.



  • Mini Belt Size: 15cm L x 7.5cm H x 3cm W
  • Comes in black only
  • Includes 20 poop bags
  • Breathable mesh backing
  • Weather resistant on the front – 100% Nylon
  • Adjustable waistband
  • A Hole for headphones

The Feastheads Play Toys – Crabby Apple Pie $13.95

Now it’s time for the toy, meet the new additions to DOOG family toys. The Feastheads collection. They are super fun which your dog will love. They are made from super soft latex and a very noisy squeaker. Harley is a squeaker enthusiast, the louder the better.

There are four Feastheads, TURKEY, Gra-HAM, Crabby Apple Pie and Sweet Potato and have their own uniqueness and personality.


These toys are not suitable to doggies that are prone to destroying things in five minutes or that chew. Ideal for indoor use, but can be played with outside under supervision.

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed with the range and quality. All three items have been put to use and I will continue to use them. The mini belt is a definite winner in my eyes. Just the ease of using a belt is so much better than carrying my keys and phone in my pocket. Plus I hate carrying a bag around when I’m just taking Harley for a walk about the corner to grab a coffee.

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I also found the mini belt extremely useful for when I take Harley to the beach and get photos, no sand YAY!!!

Harley loves the squeaky toy, she will squeak that Crabby Apple Pie until I have to take it off her. She just loves the sound.

Harley & Gina APPROVED


Disclaimer: The items mentioned were gifted to me to provide an honest review. All words and opinions are my own. There was no monetary compensation.


Gina & Harley


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