We love giving our furbaby’s treats, dog-friendly vegetables are a great alternative treat when you want to reward your dog. Dog-friendly vegetables are a healthy nutritious snack that not only good for your dog but they are great on the budget too.

Before you head out to buy dog treats, look in your fridge first for some yummy veggies.

Tip: Remember that these are treats only, everything in moderation, even though it’s healthy, too much can cause an upset tummy.
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5 Dog-Friendly Vegetables



Most dogs love a little bit of broccoli, lightly steamed to keep in the nutrients. Broccoli contains vitamin A, C, and is a good source of folate and dietary fiber which will keep your dog ‘regular’ and keep your dog’s digestive system on track.


Carrots are a great raw treat for your dog too much on. Baby carrots are a good size for small/medium dogs and a standard carrot for large dogs. Carrots are high in fiber and are a great low-calorie option for the overweight dogs.

Sweet Potato

Harley loves freshly roasted sweet potato (not the canned stuff). Sweet potato is low in fat and a great source of fiber, vitamins B6 and C, potassium, calcium, and iron.
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Green Beans

Your dog will either love it hate it. Harley isn’t a fan of green beans but if your dog like them that’s awesome as they are safe to be given cooked or raw. Green beans contain vitamin C, K and are low calorie.


Made of 96% water, this is a perfect option for the overweight dogs that love a good snack. Cucumbers are low calorie and low carbohydrates. Cucumbers contain vitamin B1, C and K, potassium. biotin and magnesium. An overall healthy hydrating snack.

Tip: Remember everything in moderation, even though these are dog-friendly vegetables and are healthy they still need to be treated as a treat only. If you have any concerns contact your vet first.


Gina & Harley


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