As a dog mum, I’ve always struggled to find that the one place where I could go and find the information I need to help myself be more prepared when I head to vet or if I think Harley is showing symptoms of an illness.

The PawLife website is the ultimate online tool to help educate pet parents so that our furbabies can live the best life possible, stress-free. The PawLife website has been awarded top ten dog blog in Australia. But when we are offline and need a quick resolution or reference where would you go?

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That is where PawLife’s – Dog Care at Home will be your second best friend. This book is the ultimate guide to everything you need to educate yourself on all things dog related.

Dog Care at Home

With six veterinarians that have contributed to Dog Care at Home you know that you are in good hands.
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Top Chapters Include:

  • How to Perform CPR
  • Vaccinations
  • Adoption
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Puppy School
  • Letting Go
  • Plus heaps more!

Why You Need The PawLife Guide: Dog Care at Home

I’m confident that you will find this book helpful and insightful, and if you’re like me, you want your furbaby to live the best possible life.

The next time you need information on something dog related check your Dog Care at Home. From vaccinations to getting advice on knowing when it’s time to save goodbye, The PawLife Guide – Dog Care at Home has the information you require.

Also as a huge thank-you, there’s over $100 worth of goodies inside.

I know you will love this book as much as I do. Countless hours of research, writing, rewriting, sweat and tears have gone into this book to make it the ultimate guide.

Get your copy HERE.

Thank you for your love and support, it means the world to Harley and myself.


Gina & Harley


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