I want to make a DIY pet tag. Customer pet tags are the in thing at the moment. Every other pet these days has a monogrammed leather pet tag. Harley wants one too.

Sometimes the regular named collars are just plain boring and a little generic (even though they are a must have for every pet owner as they provide critical information in case they get lost.) but at the same time we want our special fur-baby to stand out from the crowd.

Now, I will be honest, I’m not Martha Stewart. I don’t really have a crafty bone in my body, even though I wish I did.

My motivation comes from wanting to give Harley something special and something that I have made for her.

In order for me to do crafty things. It has to be super simple and only take a few steps, that’s manageable for me.

I just find that there is something extra special when making something yourself, you know? Because then it’s one of a kind.
diy pet tag harley
But now that I’ve created my first DIY pet tag, I actually feel like Martha Stewart and want to see what else I can create.

So I’ve created a super easy DIY pet tag that is leather and monogrammed so you can add it to your furbaby’s collar for that added bit of glam. And you can never have enough glam.

This is super easy can be done in under 15 minutes.

All the materials needed you can pick up from your craft store or just go online and get them from Amazon, then it can be delivered straight to your door.

Let’s get started.

DIY Pet Tag: How to Make your Own Pet Tag

Materials Required

  • Leather Piece
  • Leather Punch
  • Eyelet Punch
  • Sharp Sissors

  • Rhinestones
  • Small Split Ring
  • Superglue
  • Tape

diy pet tag


  1. Using your round stencil, trace a circle onto the rough side of the leather piece and cut out the circle.
  2. On a flat surface tape the leather piece to the surface. With Rhinestones mark out the letter, you want and superglue the letter to the leather piece. Let dry until you move onto the next step. Alternatively, you can get a letter stencil and paint the letter you want.
  3. Using the leather hole punch make a small hole above the letter in the centre. Make sure to leave some room from the rim of the leather piece.
  4. monogrammed leather pet tag

  5. Inset the eyelet ring into the hole and use an eyelet punch to make the eyelet ring.
  6. monogrammed leather pet tag

  7. Insert the split ring through the hole and attach it to your pets collar.
  8. monogrammed leather pet tag

  9. Smile and snap a photograph of your fur-baby.
  10. monogrammed leather pet tag

Wasn’t that super easy? And a bonus is that it’s nice and light so your fur-baby won’t feel it but everyone will be able to see it. Pawfect!

So… I know this is for a dog collar, but I have I also made one myself and attached it to my keys… so don’t tell anyone. I’ve also made a DIY Dog Collar: How to Make a Rhinestone Dog Collar to go with your pawsome new DIY pet tag.

monogrammed leather pet tag


Gina and Harley


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