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With over 200 hours of research including interviews with veterinarians, PawLife’s DOG CARE AT HOME is the ultimate all-in-one book to having a happy and healthy dog at home. All in just 10 minutes a day.

Giving your dog unconditional love and the support that they deserve is easy once you understand the basics and Paw Life’s Dog Care at Home is a must-have book for dog parents-to-be as well as experienced dog parents. This guide covers all areas of being a dog parent to ensuring your dog is happy and healthy.

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Anyone with a fur baby or thinking of getting a fur baby should find your book a must read. I will definitely be recommending this book to a lot of my friends and family. Jan & Minx

What a fantastic book! An invaluable little instruction manual for those thinking of getting their first dog. It’s got a great layout, awesome pictures and it’s easy to read. Morgan

I highly recommend this book to every dog owner, it has very informative information for every stage of your dog’s life and is really easy to follow. Thanks for a great book Gina. Kathleen

Such a helpful and informative book! As somebody who has been hoping to get a dog of my own for some time now, this book has been perfect in answering all those questions I hadn’t even thought of yet. Not only has it helped me prepare for my new fury friend, but it’ll also come in handy as a guide to quickly look over in those special times of need. Such an easy read and I especially love the “Ask a Vet” sections as well as the extensive health knowledge. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody looking to improve their education and parenting. Cassidy

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  • A lost dog template
  • A travel checklist

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About the Book

Dog Care at Home gives you the information you need to have a happy and healthy dog no matter what your dog’s current stage in life.

Over 200 hours of research including interviews with veterinarians and fellow dog owners around the world, Dog Care at Home is the all-in-one book to have at home, with six veterinarians that have contributed to this ultimate guide, rest assured you are in reliable hands.

PawLife’s Dog Care at Home is the answer for all your dog parenting needs in one comprehensive guide that ensures your dog lives a long, healthy and happy life.

Inside you will discover:

  • Choosing the right breed
  • The basic steps of raising a puppy
  • What vaccinations are for and why your dog needs them
  • Travelling with your dog
  • How to perform CPR on your dog
  • Health and hygiene including dental care
  • Choosing the right veterinarian
  • When it’s time to say goodbye

And much more!

“With over 200 hours of research including interviews with veterinarians, Dog Care at Home is the all-in-one book to have at home.”

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