A Furry Story

Well … hello, hello!! Okay maybe that was a little loud, but we’re just really excited that you dropped by! Welcome to Paw Life. My name is Gina and my fur-baby is Harley. I’ll share Harley’s story in just a moment.


First, why does Paw Life exist today?

So glad you asked! 🙂

You see after my search for valuable websites that contained juicy information and tips, I was frustrated that the few good bits of valuable information were scattered and poorly presented, out of date, abandoned!

It kinda sounds like the start of a sad fur story, doesn’t it?

Not this story. I decided “that’s it!” I’m going to create THE place myself and friends are looking for. A place where fur-parents can come for all things pawsome!

And so, Paw Life was born. One place to get information, tools, guides, downloads and fur-tastic tips to help you enjoy your best life with your fur friend.

In here you will find everything from:

  • DIY tutorials
  • Household tips
  • Groovy templates
  • Exciting news
  • Directory listings for paw-friendly cafes and beaches
  • and more!

But first…

The story of my fur-baby, Harley.

Once upon a time … three years ago, there was a little doggy in a window.

By window I mean in the back of the store, all alone. Nawwww!

paw life australia

There she was in the back of the store. She was the only one left. I asked if she was for sale and she was. It seemed strange that she was the only pup, here at the back of the store and I asked why she was the only pup.

The store clerk said that the pup had been there for months. When she first arrived as a baby at the store she enjoyed pats and attention from store patrons and those passing by.

But as time went on, people started to pay less and less attention. So she was moved to the back of the store so something new and wiz-bang could take the place at the store front.

Weeks passed by.

People stopped giving her attention. No one seemed to want to take her home.

I had a closer look at this pup and she seemed really sad and withdrawn. I held her in my arms and looked in her big brown eyes and she stared back at me.

I instantly knew that she was mine.

Harley knew that I was going to be her fur-mum and today, she is a completely different dog to the one I picked up in the store that day. She has more energy than a couple of healthy dogs combined and will run rings around them (and underneath them).

She doesn’t … ever … stop.

So be warned, that if you welcome a toy-poodle X jack russel into your life, you’ll soon see that the energiser bunny runs at a snail’s pace.

Seriously though…


I know Harley is thankful that I walked in the store that day, but she’ll never know how much she’s helped me get through some tough breakups and moments where life kicks you when you’re down.

You may have been in that place at some point too.

Fur-parents know the joy, love and strength their fur friends provide and the impact they have on our lives and those of our loved ones. You have to be an owner to truly understand, you know?

Harley’s personality shines so bright she blends in with the sunflowers. Yes, yes, even though she has black hair. Maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll meet her in person and see I’m not exaggerating.

Disclaimer and terms for using this website
The information provided on pawlife.com.au is focused on sharing my personal experiences and research that I have done to share with you and your furbaby.
I am not a veterinarian. This information isn’t meant to supersede your vet or substitute for vet advice. When introducing any new treats or food, I recommend speaking with your vet to verify whether it is suitable for your furbaby.


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