As fur-parents, we must ensure we give our furbaby’s the best possible life, but there are vet waiting room etiquette tips that we can follow to ensure that the visit to the vet is a successful and as stress free as possible.

We all visit the veterinarian at least once a year, if just for yearly vaccinations but there is an etiquette to uphold while at the vet.

6 Vet Waiting Room Etiquette Tips

Not having your dog on a leash

Your furbaby may be cool, calm and collected but without a lead, you have no control over your dog. Anything can happen in a split second whether it be your dog’s fault or not.

The safest measure you can take is to have your dog on a lead and sitting next to in front of you in the waiting room.

If your dog gets a little tense or anxious around other dog’s, then an idea would be to wait outside. If you intend to remain outside until your appointment ensure you let the reception staff know.

Not following through

You may have the best intentions of following through with what your veterinarian has advised. You need to be honest and realistic with your vet.

If you know that you will not be able to give medications at certain times or not afford certain foods, then be upfront with your vet immediately so they can work out a plan that works with you.

Not asking questions

If you are unclear with what your veterinarian has advised or you need further clarification then let your vet know that you do not understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the information you are hearing for the first time and may need it to be explained again or another way for you to make sense of what is being said.

It’s okay to ask questions and repeat the information back to your vet to show you understand. If anything is unclear ask for it to be written down.

When Harley had her surgery in February 2017 on her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), I asked the vet a million questions from how long Harley would be under, what to expect when she wakes and the days following surgery. The vet wrote down Harley’s medications with dosage and time, so I wouldn’t forget or get confused, and it helped tremendously.

You can read all about Harley’s rough recovery in Harley’s Diary.

Arriving late

Arriving late can set the whole veterinarian clinic behind for the entire day. If you are running late, it is standard etiquette to call the vet clinic and let them know as they may fit someone else in until you arrive.

Also if you arrive late and have not notified the clinic, they may think you are not attending and void your consultation.

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Not showing up

This would be the most frustrating mistake you could make. Not showing up to your appointment not only shows a lack of respect to your veterinarian but also takes up a consult spot that someone could have filled.

Not picking up after your dog

Picking up after your dog has done their business is essential etiquette. When we are out walking our dog’s we carry our poop bags just in case, and this also applies when you are at the vet. If you don’t have any poop bags on hand just ask as I’m sure they would be happy to supply you a poop bag.

Over to you: Do you have any other vet waiting room etiquette tips that you would like to add?


Gina and Harley

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