Have you ever said to your dog, geez you’re smart? Well, your furbaby could be one of the smartest dog breeds around.

This list has been created from top canine psychologists such as Stanley Coren. He even wrote a whole book about this subject.

There are three main types of canine intelligence’s that are put to the test.

  1. Adaptive intelligence
  2. Working intelligence
  3. Instinctive intelligence

Although these dogs may indeed be on the list of smartest dog breeds, it also depends on the owner too, and how much energy they put in training.

So whether you agree with this list or not, remember your furbaby is trainable with the right techniques and persistence, but also it also depends on the environment of upbringing. The bottom line is making sure your furbaby is healthy and living the best life possible.

You can easily start by teaching your furbaby some tricks or commands. You can even start by learning to housetrain your dog.

I think Harley is a smart dog, she is very adaptive and can work things out. Also, Harley is instinctive; she knows when I’m not feeling well, she knows when I am getting ready and heading out for a few hours.

10 of the Smartest Dog Breeds: Is your Dog on the List?

1. Border Collie

A popular breed among farmers and active families. This breed is a typical workaholic and knows when a job needs to be done.

2. Poodle

Harley is a people cross, and she is a smarty pants that’s for sure. The poodle was bred to retrieve items from the water. Harley is not a water baby but is a quick learner.

3. German Shepherd

A popular bred in Australia as a family dog and a police dog. This breed is smart, loyal and confident. They don’t get scared easily.

4. Golden Retriever

Another popular breed in Australia, perfect for families, great with children. This breed is also used as a service dog. They are obedient, extremely loyal and intelligent.

5. Doberman

The Doberman is an all rounder. This breed has strength, intelligence, speed and not to mention scary looking (well, a little intimidating to say the least).

6. Shetland Sheepdog

This breed is a mini version of the border collie, with being intelligence this breed is playful and great with families and children.

7. Labrador Retriever

A very popular breed in Australia and United States, this breed is intelligent and loyal. Great with children and are also bred as service dogs and guide dogs.

8. Papillon

Massive personality little body. This little bundle of joy is smart and has a bundle of energy.

9. Rottweiler

A very loyal breed. They will protect their owner at all costs. Not intimidated by other dogs or people. They are great as a guard dog and enjoy having a responsibility to please their owner.

Growing up we had a Rottweiler cross ridgeback named Khan. He was massive, protective, intimidating and had a big personality to boot. But Khan was very loyal and extremely loving (a big softy). He lived a very long and happy life. There just so many benefits of having a dog in your life.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

As the name goes, this breed has one thing on their mind, and that’s cattle. This is intelligent, highly energetic and workaholic. Not only working on farms this breed is great for active families. This isn’t a breed to be left alone for long as they need to be kept busy.
Remember, even if your breed isn’t on the list or is a cross breed like Harley, it depends on how they are brought up and trained. All dogs can be intelligent and loyal if treated and trained right. 🙂

And finally, as I mentioned before all your furbaby needs is love, respect and to live a healthy and long life.

Over to you: What are your thoughts on this list that has been developed by canine psychologists?


Gina and Harley


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