As soon as the weather warms up, many of us like to hit the beach or go out on the boat with our dogs, and that’s where life jackets for dogs are super important and should not be ignored.

Water safety for our dogs is just as important as it is for ourselves. When heading out on the boat, we wear life jackets, when you have a weak swimmer in your family or ground they wear a life vest.

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Life Jackets for Dogs


Life Jacket or Life Vest

The choice between life jacket or life vest will depend on the type of recreational activity you plan on doing.

Life Jacket: Life jackets for dogs are suited for rough or open waters, particularly when out on a boat or at the beach. Life jackets are bulkier and provide visibility and buoyancy.
Life Vest: Vests are usually used in more confined or contained areas such as a swimming pool or lake. Vests are light and made easy for swimming.

The Fit

Most companies or manufacturers use measurements and weight of the dog to determine the right fit. If purchasing from a pet supply store, it would be a good idea to take your dog with you and get properly fitted at the store to ensure the fit is correct and so you can be shown how to put the jacket on and off by a trained staff member.

Having a handle on the top of the jacket or vest would be wise as it will help you get your dog out of the water quickly or in an emergency situation.
Purchasing a highly visible colour would also be a good to ensure your dog stands out in the water and can be seen easier.

Test the Jacket

Before you head out on your fabulous trip, it would be an excellent idea to test the jacket out in a safe and secure environment. Your dog may need a few practices to get used to wearing the jacket or vest in water.
Ensure that the jacket or vest doesn’t interfere with your dog’s ability to swim and manoeuvre.
Hope these few tips help you prepare you for when you head out to the store and buy your jacket or vest. Always buy from a reputable dealer and get fitted correctly. One final thing to remember is if you are out in the sun all day having fun, remember that your dog can get over heated and dehydrated easily. Read up on Heatstroke in Dogs to ensure you are well prepared for the ‘just in case’ moments.

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