Harley’s Diary 7: A journal from a dog’s point of view.

February 17th 2017

Dear Diary,

Today has been a little better. I think my recovery is going to be slow. Maybe because I’m getting older or that I’m really small. I hate being so small; my body takes ages to recover.

But I did eat some chicken this morning and took my tablets. Mum was super happy with me. I also had some water, but throughout the rest of the day, I just wasn’t hungry to eat anything.

Mum took me outside a few times to smell some fresh air. She wouldn’t put me down in case a bird came into the yard. I hate birds; they just bug me.

I had some fish for dinner. Earlier I heard mum on the phone talking to the doctor because she was worried about me not eating dinner and taking my tablets.

I don’t want to let mum down, so I had a few bites of fish and ate my tablets except the pink one. I couldn’t take that one, so grandma put it down my throat. I know I had to have it, so I swallowed it. But I’m not very happy with grandma; she didn’t even tell me she was going to do that.

I just want to have a good night sleep, and I hope I feel even better tomorrow.

Harley xoxo
Harley’s Diary 7


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