Harley’s Diary 10: A journal from a dog’s point of view.

February 20th

Dear Diary,

I’m still not feeling that good. I couldn’t eat my breakfast this morning. I just wanted to eat grass and do a large poop.

But I can’t poop, it’s been a week already and nothing. Mum called the doctors this morning and arranged for me to stay in hospital for the day to get this issue sorted out.

I didn’t sleep very well, so I’m a bit tired. Staying in the hospital isn’t all that bad, plus I get lots of attention because I’m so cute.

The doctors examined my tummy, and I’m not constipated. I just haven’t eaten enough yet. I didn’t get a scan done because I’ve just recently been under sedation, and they didn’t want to put me under again based on a hunch.

So we are changing a few medications around and giving me an appetite stimulant to get me to eat more. If I eat more, I’ll poop.

Mum picked me up in the afternoon, and we just relaxed. Mum cooked me up some chicken at 6 pm, but I wasn’t hungry enough. Plus, I’m pretty sick of chicken. An hour later mum made some spaghetti, and it smelt so good that I ate it all.

Went to bed pretty early as I did have a big day.

Harley xoxo
Harley’s Diary 10


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