Harley’s Diary 1: A journal from a dog’s point of view.

February 1st 2017

Dear Diary,

Today has been an adventure. It started with a sleep in as mum forgot to set her alarm for the gym. We eventually got up, and mum had a big play with me, I chased the ball around and had a snoop around the property. It smelt like kangaroos had been around, I truly hate them.

Then mum made herself a coffee and gave me some fish from her dinner the night before. It was so good.

Then mum headed off to the gym for a bit, and I had another nap because I was playing hardcore this morning before breakfast.

Before I knew it, mum was back, and we caught up on our favourite TV show on Netflix.

Mum went to her desk and started working on our next blog post while I got the couch to myself.

In the afternoon mum had to duck out again, she was all dressed up, but she stopped and gave me a play with the ball first. Love my mum.

One minute I was playing then the next my leg just gave way or something clicked in my leg, and I couldn’t move it. Mum rushed over to me to see what had happened as sometimes I get a bindi and she gets it out for me.

But this was different, I knew something wasn’t right and so did mum. My leg was sore, and mum scooped me up and took me inside and placed me in my cosy bed.

Mum got me an ice pack, and I rested for the remainder of the day. Mum cancelled the rest of her day and night to stay home and be with me.

Harley xoxo
Harley’s Diary 1

Takeaway Tip

If your dog starts limping but doesn’t look in distress, place an ice pack on the leg to help with any inflammation. If there isn’t any improvement, then take your dog to the vet for medical attention.


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